Hitspoker Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist 100 ml:Hitspoker
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Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist 100 ml:Hitspoker

Avon Published in October 16, 2018, 5:18 am
 Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist 100 ml:Hitspoker

Avon Planet Spa Sleep Serenity Pillow Mist 100 ml:Hitspoker

Price:£4.45+ Free shipping

Claire MacKinnon
Claire MacKinnon Reply to on 29 January 2017
Well..Ive tried it twice and both times I dont remember falling asleep so thats a huge plus for me! Ive been using another more expensive one so much i thought id try a more economical one and glad i did. Subtle scent still on my bedding in the morning too. For what I paid, very happy!
N. Nehar
N. Nehar Reply to on 20 July 2017
Purchased for my husband who has been having some sleep issues, sprayed a couple times on his pillow and he absolutely loved it!! The fragrance is so subtle and relaxing - I've used it it couple times and it does help to relax you before you dose off! Worth a try if you're having trouble sleeping.
Note: don't spray too close to pillow as it may stain? I tend to spray a couple times on each pillow.
WackyKatie123 Reply to on 21 April 2017
Nice smell but not as potent as the 'THIS WORKS- deep sleep pillow' but this was 5 times cheaper!
Kuma Kuraru
Kuma Kuraru Reply to on 30 September 2017
It smells okay, leaves a bit of a weird after-scent, kind of just reminds me of the lavender talc my nan used. Doesn't do anything to make me sleep, I used it like 3 times (once to cover the smell of cooking, to be honest) and then it got put away for good in favour of other things that smell better or actually help me sleep. I imagine it's more of a placebo effect, honestly.
T Reply to on 18 May 2017
Love this smell so much. It's only sticky if you lie on the pillow straight away so make sure to let the spray settle first! Great product anyway. Will definitely repurchase!
Jewels Reply to on 25 July 2016
Have purchased several of these over the past few years. Quick spray of the pillow at bed time leaves a gorgeous waft of lavender to aid a restful sleep. Not sure of the science behind it but sub-consciously it works a treat. Would recommend.
N Webb
N Webb Reply to on 4 October 2017
In comparison to other products this smells a little "cheap" to me; don't get me wrong it does what it's supposed to but in comparison to some others I tried I found the smell a little pervasive.
Crissy Reply to on 8 January 2015
This is what I was looking for. Love it, its a beautiful smell and I do feel it helps you to be relaxed before going sleep. Will say tho spray it on your pilliow or bedding and leave to fry for 5 mins. Its very wet to start with but does dry quickly. will be buying again. delivery was quick too.
Miss Reply to on 23 November 2016
Just a few sprays of this and i am out like a light! I definitely recommend this product, the scent helps me to empty my mind and relax
rickA Reply to on 30 August 2018
Delivery was prompt.
The product, however, was very poor. The scent is very artificial and sickly sweet, like some air fresheners. I would avoid this for the bedroom. But if you simply want an air freshener, you can get cheaper. Air fresheners are however not healthy as research has shown.
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